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EKAE Plant Photos

EKAE supports local farms and creating energy.



In 2007, EKAE received a coveted Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) award for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

KSafe Award

Also in 2007, EKAE was recognized by the Kansas Department of Labor for its excellent workplace safety record with a KSafe award. 

Energy Star Award

In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency presented EKAE with an Energy Star award for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 



2001 - LLC Established

The steering committee voted on October 10, 2001, to form a limited liability company (LLC), and on October 15, 2001, East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC was formed as a legal entity.

2004 - Ground Breaking

A ceremonial groundbreaking was held on October 24, 2004, with the plant being completed in an industry record eight months time.

2013 - Grand Reopening

In 2013, there was a grand reopening celebration. This brought back dozens of local jobs and the support of the ethanol community.

2018 - EKAE STEM Program

EKAE began promoting STEM in local schools through STEM workshops sponsored by Kansas corn. 

2021- Kansas Business Appreciation Award

2000 - Building Support

In 2000, a steering committee formed by farmers and businesspeople in eastern Kansas got together with the support of the Agriculture Sub-Committee of the Anderson County Economic Development (ACED) organization.  The objective was to build a value-added ethanol production facility in the area.

2002-2005 Fund Raising 

In January 2002, EKAE held a seed capital drive and on January 22, 2003, East Kansas Agri-Energy,  LLC received written approval to sell membership units (stock), an offering that successfully closed in the first half of 2005.

2005 - First Load of Corn

On June 10, 2005, the first load of corn was delivered to the plant and the first gallon of ethanol was produced on June 22. A second industry record was set when the EKAE plant went on-line to full production status in three days.

2018 - EPA Chief Visit

In 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency's Chief Scott Pruitt visited the Garnett, KS plant.

2019- RFA Industry Award

EKAE was awarded the Industry Award by Renewable Fuels Association for making significant contributions to the U.S. fuel ethanol industry for market development, consumer education, technology innovation, policy advocacy, and other efforts. 

EKAE was presented with the Business Appreciation- Manufacuring & Distribution award for southeast region in Kansas from Governor Laura Kelly 

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